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I open the door of the apartment and the room lights are on, we go straight to the room, I lie in bed and Manolo is behind me, caressing my feet up to my knee, leans over to kiss it while raising his hand up my thighs, my body burns, contact me mad wait years for this, I had fantasies about this moment so many times that now seems unrealistic. A sweet sinner desire for always getting more. I do not doubt for a moment, dizziness beer and shot of tequila vanished I’m more lucid than ever in my 29 years, I take off my jacket, unbuttoned his shirt and open his belt, I came to the button and stroked his big dick blowjob giving on my knees. My body wakes up, I put on him and take off my jeans, took off her shoes and dispossession of boxers naked for my pleasure, I kiss passionately, with an anxiety bottled up for years, caressing my breasts trying to get them dress achieves its and committed to his mouth, biting my nipples mercilessly, my hand goes to my crotch and I aside the cloth covering my sex, I’ll melt into him …

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I feel like I am out of me. I pick her up and take her to the shower. She strips. Water and soap running through our sweet sinner bodies. I have my cock in my hand. Hard. I caress forward for a while and even more eagerly, bent down and give it to her in the mouth.  She Wails. Trembles. Looking at her and increases my excitement and my joy.

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Hold my head with her hands directing my movements. Suck, lick, kiss, gently scratched with teeth …I introduce all in her mouth. Her pussy becomes very wet. Impossibly tense muscles of his legs. His cock stirred in my mouth. The retreat just when it raises thick white jet falling on my skin. Followed other two … three, weaker and a soft trail that runs through the inside of my thighs. Le is a drop in the glans. Trembling, she picks it up with the tip of her tongue and savors.

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And it happens. So, without further ado, he penetrates me. In a second Jon is behind me, his body pressed against mine, his arms around me. What I do? At the moment, moaning. I get carried away. Whiplash shaking my sex and more than sweat floods. Jon started on top. Caress the nipples are hard as diamonds and introduces a hand through my panties to find fire in my vulva. His fingers run through it and penetrate. Panting. Sigh. His penis pushed into my buttocks. Moned. Squealed. I clench my ass against the hard cock. A sweet sinner call for more. A discharge runs through my gut. Jon’s cock filling me in and out completely. The walls of my vagina embrace. The pleasure is immense Uffffff! I melt. My juices come to sex and rolling down my thighs. Jon bites my neck. Pinches my nipples and pushes faster and faster. I cannot stand it. The environment is clouded me. The blood leaves my head.

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When I try to get out of it again my cock hardens, I sit on the sofa and she gets between my legs and starts sucking it like a real nymphomaniac, grunts and moans escaping from my throat, grabbed her by the hair by increasing the pace and I come in her mouth, and she enjoys it like a good girl all her milk  is taken. -I want more. It is what it says when she takes my flaccid penis and place it between her boobs, making a titjob that immediately woke my dick. I lick her ass to lubricate and start to stick my dick but very slowly until it comes full, first give a gentle thrust. -Assh Bastard. It is what it says and give a faster pair making her cry. I do not like you to call me bastard. I say giving her a slap on the ass and starting to pump it incessantly, now no longer moan, one hand I hold his ass and the other nipple, she cums and I continue pumping until we again come together falls into the tired couch while I go clean the bathroom, when I leave she enters it cleans, takes her things, dresses and leaves. He said nothing, I think she knows how annoying it was for calling me bastard.

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We continue kissing and she gets rid of my tie and shirt, I kiss her neck and I know that she loves, her dark nipples stand firm and start to suck making her moan, under a little more and I find her wet pussy begging me to eat my tongue space between his lips opens and begins to savor the exquisite throbbing clitoris, my sweet sinner imprisons me between her legs asking me more and I am pleased to make her run inundating the desk with fluid and office with her moans, I taste her  juices and I get well even with an erection that seems to explode. The kissing continues and ask her  to lean upon my desk, I stand behind her and hit her breasts on the cold wood, leaving her ass exposed, I pull out my dick and start to screw her pussy from behind, this so close that I love, beginning to thrust taking advantage of her orgasm a few minutes ago, she moans now with greater intensity and I put two of my fingers to her mouth to shut her up, she begins to suck and between that and my frantic lunges I’m pouring my milk in her pussy and she comes to feel it also, I fall on his back to recover from the hardcore brunette teen fucking.

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One afternoon we were talking in his office working on issues when they telephoned from headquarters. I asked if I could give me a ride to my car because it was in repair; he said yes and when we reached the place, asked me to accompany me home, since it would not take long. About thirty minutes later he was back and I said that I wanted to have a drink in a quiet place and relax, feeling that was very stressed by the responsibility of their work. As soon as we pounced on me and gave me a terrible tongue kiss that left me breathless. She’s really gets it! I told myself. Quickly he took off all his clothes and I admired her gorgeous innocent body. He said, “Let’s not waste time, I want it put all to the bottom” and opened her legs. A blow introduced all the cock inside and yelled loudly as he gasped and put her eyes. “As he was still inside her, he moved another bit and came again with shouts and sighs and were four or five times in string. ” I’m your slave now” I want you to feed me with your milk, I’m a sexy sinner, do me the hardcore pussy to mouth!


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I am a very religious woman, and if anyone religious reading this, I beg you beg God for forgiveness of tremendous sin I have committed, but I am a sweet sinner, I did it all in the name of pleasure. I met one man when I was married to my husband, we met in our congregation in Peru, always our mutual fidelity was very strong, until one day the devil appeared in my life as a co-worker. I do cleaning in a company, I will not say the name of the company nor mine to protect more than anything my husband and my daughter, I hope God forgive me for what I’ve done. The watchman of the company is a very big man, crossed only the usual greetings, I always entered at 6 in the morning, and at that time this only him. I remember the other morning, I was cleaning the office and I did not realize, and get to where I have my cleaning products, that’s where also the service of other employees of the store and went in without knocking, without knowing that the watchman was there doing a physiological need, when I came in, he was as surprised as I found us well in that situation and had no time to save his penis, leaving no misconduct by both of who saw it, it was huge, never imagined that there were penises so, I stared at him with wide eyes, and it was as if he had lost consciousness looking at that huge penis, the last thing I remember was when God gave me back my conscience and I was kneeling with his penis in my mouth and swallow his semen finishing. So I ask if there is anyone reading this religious, pray with me that God will forgive me, because I dare not tell the pastor what happened to me. God bless everyone.

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My friend Natali got married a year ago and now she is pregnant. The couple lives together and she asked me to come to her home to help her in her last days of delivery. I just reached her home, they are very good couple. Natali had arranged me a separate room to stay. At very first night I just changed by clothes and got a transparent nighty. Natali had told me that they hadsex every day before her pregnancy. I was just about to sleep when John, Natali’s husband knocked my door, he came to me and asked if I need anything I can wake him up.

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My burning angel hot body was completely visible in the nighty, so he could not resist and just grabbed me in his arms. I Just asked, “what if Natali comes to know all about that?”. He assured me that it will not happen and just put my lips in his mouth, it was a long smooch, and I knew I’d be a sweet sinner today. He just removed my nighty and came down to lick on my clitoris. Now I have taken the challenge and started sucking his hard dick “I love your natural tits, babe, hardcore sex is good for us.” I had a feeling of guilt for my friend but had a great moment with great fucking master.

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I am Latina a professional photographer; I travel a lot all over the world to get the best clicks. I met with Peter in a concert; he is a nice handsome guy. Yesterday, I was  going to the supermarket for some gorceries and I suddenly met Peter there. We both were excited to see each other. Peter came to visit few places in my city and was staying in some hotel. I have invited him for a dinner with me at home.
When Peter came, we had our dinner first, and then I have started showing him my photo gallery. He just put his hand on my thigh, very near to my pussy. His mouth has been just few inches away from my lips. He just kissed me. And he put his hand inside my skirt, it made me feel like a sweet sinner. I just grabbed him and taken off his shirt and trouser. I was also fully naked. He lifted my legs up and was holding my toe in his hand. Now he had just inserted his hard dick inside my pussy, hitting my vaginal walls as he was doing it very aggressively. It took a few minutes to cum, and it was the perfect representation of a college brunette on big dick. Peter has done a very nice Job.

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My cousin Sam has just returned from abroad after completing his Masters in commerce. We use to play together; he is a complete man now. One day my parents were gone to supermarket to have some household purchasing,  my cousin Sam and I  were alone at home. I was just changing my clothes and Sam just entered in my Room and started pressing my boobs. I was also feeling too good by his action.

He has put his long big sausage hard dick in my mouth and I sucked it deeply. His Dick was moving in every corner of my mouth. He rubbed the tip of his penis against my cunt, made my panty pops hard, and just put his dick inside me.. It explored me well inside and I was thrilled with Joy. Fucking me so hard, he was doing the hardcore pussy creampie… and I was glad he didn’t pull out.

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